Clean Start Weight Loss® Diet in Baltimore, MD.


Hormone Diet in Maryland

The Diet is a healthcare provider developed and scientifically formulated program with specific amounts of nutrition and hormone injections to encourage weight loss.


 Hormone Diet vs. Traditional Diets

Most traditional diets, without the benefit of hormones, rely on calorie restrictions that can trigger your bodies ‘starvation response’ also called your ‘starvation mode.’

This response essentially causes your body to conserve your fat reserves, locking them up and holding on to them as long as possible. Your body then is forced to begin burning muscle and body tissue first, rather than the fat reserves you are trying to get rid of.

The benefit of the Balm of Gilead Health & Wellness Center Clean Start Weight Loss® program is that your body will convert stored fat for fuel and keep you out of starvation mode.


The Clean Start Weight Loss® Diet and the 3 Types of Fat

There are 3 types of fat:

  • reserve fat– which your body draws upon for energy when you skip a meal
  • structural fat– which is located between your organs, joints, and bones
  • abnormal fator adipose tissue – which is the fat that your body ‘banks’ in case of starvation.

The diet produces weight loss but more specifically, fat loss. And that is why the Diet will reshape your body. Your body needs reserve and structural fat but does not need abnormal fat to survive.

By following our Clean Start diet protocol, your body releases the unlocked calories and nutrients stored in your abnormal fat. As a result, the diet will produce not only weight loss but fat loss.


Why Not Simply Reduce Calories and Skip the Diet?

Simply put, the overwhelming data shows us that reducing calories alone hasn’t worked. Reducing calories lowers your metabolism.

By reducing calories, your body slows down its metabolism as a mechanism to survive. In addition, when you reduce your calorie intake, you typically burn muscle, not fat. With the Balm of Gilead Health & Wellness Center Clean Start Diet program, you burn fat, not muscle!

That’s why when you finish a diet, your weight bounces back to your original weight or above your original weight before starting the low-calorie diet.

Balm of Gilead Health & Wellness Center Weight Loss Solution

Balm of Gilead Health & Wellness Center Clean Start diet offers a solution. One that is manageable. And based on science. Join the over 65,000 clients who have followed our Clean Start diet protocol and discovered the difference.  Our comprehensive medically focused program gives you a head start to a clean start!


The Clean Start Diet Program Includes:

  • All weight loss injections
  • “Fat Burning” and B-Vitamin Injections
  • 99-page program book, Cook Book, Food Journal, Tips Sheets
  • Medical Body Composition Analysis
  • Lab testing
  • Weekly visits with nurses!
  • Metabolic Testing at end of program

Call us today and get started on losing up to 1 pound of FAT per day!