A Truly Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

At Balm of Gilead Health & Wellness Center we understand that people’s weight loss needs vary, and that’s why we have various plans to suite your needs. We have the clean start package: HCG & non-HCG options, we also have the  NutraMetrix TLS package see details..

Nutrametrix TLS weight loss program

We understand that most “diets” don’t work. Typical diets tell you “what” to eat instead of teaching you “how” to eat. However, when it comes to long term health, it is all about lifestyle, and addressing specific your specific healthcare needs. nutraMetrix TLS® Select is a customizable and comprehensive weight loss program that provides your Health Professionals with the tools necessary to guide you on your weight loss journey. It is a clinically supervised, sustainable weight loss solution provided by nutraMetrix Health Professionals. This systemized weight loss approach is based on current and cutting edge research, which will provide lasting results for your health.


True, inspirational weight loss success stories from real people. It’s time for YOU to be a TLS star.

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