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BOGHWC Health Home program strives to coordinate care for individual with Medicaid who have chronic conditions. The whole idea of our health home service is to operate under a “whole-person” philosophy. The goal of our Health Homes service is to help individuals with chronic conditions integrate and coordinate all primary, acute, behavioral health, and long-term services using the necessary support systems to treat the whole person.

Who Qualifies for a Health Home?

Health Homes are for individuals with Medicaid who:

  • Have two or more chronic conditions
  • Have one chronic condition and are at risk for a second
  • Have one serious and persistent mental health condition

Chronic conditions listed in the statute include mental health, substance abuse, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight. Additional chronic conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, may be considered by CMS for approval.

BOGHWC Health Home Services

Services include the following:

  • Comprehensive care management
  • Care coordination
  • Health promotion
  • Comprehensive transitional care/follow-up
  • Patient & family support
  • Referral to community & social support services